What type of homes does fastcashhomeoffer.net purchase?

We buy all types of homes including single family homes, apartments, duplexes, townhouses, farms and even land.

Why should we sell to you?

People sell to us for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, they don’t want to deal with the hassle of listing their home and waiting for the right buyer to become interested. Other times, a home is in need of costly repairs or updating. Others simply want to sell their home quickly. Examples of these instances include foreclosure, divorce, relocation, inherited property, change of income, or they are simply sick of waiting for a qualified buyer to come along through traditional means.

Do you purchase homes in bad condition?

Yes! We purchase all of our homes “as is”. We don’t care if the house is outdated, has structural damage or needs other costly repairs. No matter what, we guarantee to make you an offer!

Will you come out to look at my house for free?

Yes! We will come inspect your property for free. Unlike other home purchasers and real estate agents, we do not charge for anything.

How long does it take to get an offer?

Typically, we can give you a quote over the phone, should you be able to provide basic information like number of bedrooms and bathrooms. However, sometimes we will need to schedule a time to come and view the property & confirm property details.

How do you determine how much you're willing to pay for a property?

We look at many different factors when making an offer to purchase a property. These factors can include: location, condition of the property, cost of needed repairs and comps in the area. Our evaluation will be clearly explained to you, ensuring you understand exactly how we came to the amount we are offering.

How soon do I get the cash?

You’ll get cash as soon as we close.

When will we need to move out?

We are flexible. Generally, it is within 3 months of purchase.

What if the property belonged to a family member and they didn’t leave a will?

We have a team of dedicated professionals that can help with whatever circumstances surround your home. Just let us know your situation, and we’ll provide a solution. We do all of this at absolutely NO COST to you!

What if the owner/co-owner doesn’t live in the area?

Most of the time, we can work out the sale remotely.

What if my mortgage is not current?

Call us now! We are experienced negotiators, and in some cases, can reduce the amount of penalties you owe.

What if my property has a lien on it?

Because of the complexity of the question, it depends on the circumstances. Rest assured though, we have purchased properties with tax liens, mechanics liens, HOA liens, and others.

Does the property need to be cleaned once a deal is made?

No, we’ll take care of that.

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