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Oakville townhomes

New townhome communities in Oakville may be ideal for persons who seek the feel of a single-family home without all the maintenance responsibilities. Townhomes are mostly built on a small plot of land in a neighborhood development with multiple floors, designated garages, and a shared wall with other houses. Townhome communities are mostly regulated by the homeowners' association (HOA), which sets the community rules are responsible for most exterior maintenance and shared properties and amenities. Every homeowner in a townhome community is a member of the HOA and makes a monthly or yearly payment for funding these activities.     

If you're currently searching and comparing various options of Oakville's new homes without considering a townhome, that's because you aren't familiar with what makes them unique. For convenience, we've listed a few benefits of Oakville townhomes you should consider before making your next home purchase.

Low Purchasing Cost

As we all know that pricing varies with size and location; however, townhomes are often cheaper than single-detached houses. For instance, the average cost of a newly constructed single home in Oakville is over $550,000, but a townhome wouldn't exceed $400,000.

Also bear in mind that the lower the purchasing fee, the smaller the mortgage and monthly payments. Nevertheless, it's quite notable that most townhomes are regulated by HOA, which may require a monthly maintenance fee. Regardless of all, our townhomes for sale in Oakville are cost-effective, with high quality. 

Easier maintenance

Owning a detached single-family house, you'll be responsible for all exterior maintenance, such as maintaining your property lawn, prepare for snow removal, and so many other things detached homeowners does. You need not worry about maintaining your exterior home maintenance when you own a townhome because your HOA is responsible for the upkeep.   

Space & Flexibility

Just the same way you enjoy maintenance benefits of high-rise condos, townhomes provide you with the benefit of much space and flexibility beyond a condo suite. Townhomes interiors are spacious with reasonably-sized bedrooms, living room, full bathrooms, a kitchen, and sometimes, a basement. 

Most young couples are attracted to these added space offered by these new construction townhomes in Oakville. Contrary to high-rise condos, townhomes have a designated room for kids to play. Townhome owners are the real property owners because they own everything within their reach, i.e., patio, driveway, front yard, garage, etc.


Simplicity, uniformity, and convenience are the vital goals in townhome developments. With that said, most of the service and amenities needed would be included in the purchase price or HOA fee. And it may consist of services like HVAC inspections, pest control, trash service, and amenities such as gym facilities, swimming pools, and car wash stations. 

Privacy and Security

Although townhomes privacy can't be compared to a single-family home, it has more privacy than condos. Condo building residents have immediate neighbors than you do in townhomes. Since there are no neighbors within the development and common areas, townhomes offer more security than a single-family neighborhood. In some townhome communities, security men are hired as an amenity. Almost all townhome communities have gate entrance with restricted entries. 

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