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Bob Loeffler, at Fearless Agent, is a real estate sales coach with over 30+ years of experience. As a real estate sales expert, he has prepped hundreds of ambitious young talents to become successful real estate agents, brokers, and recruiters.

How to become a real estate agent

The specifics of becoming a real estate agent can vary from state to state. However, the basic five steps to becoming a real estate agent include:

Step 1: Learn about your state's real estate licensing requirements, continuing education requirements, and other details. Your state's real estate commission website can help you with these details and other important requirements.

Step 2: Enroll for a real estate coaching program with the best real estate sales coach. Remember that your education/coaching should provide you with comprehensive knowledge to complete your real estate relicensing education requirements, and help you build a successful career.

Step 3: Prepare well for your real estate salesperson exam. Most individuals do not crack the state exam on the very first go. However, having a good coach/instructor can help you pass the exam more easily.

Once you pass the exam successfully, you must find a broker with whom you must complete the final paperwork and file it to the state. Once the state accepts your form, you will receive your license and can practice real estate under the broker's sponsorship.

Is the real estate career right for you?

When you choose to become a real estate agent, you will work in a flexible career with your own schedules. You have the potential to make up to $100,000 or more per annum. While most states allow you to become a licensed real estate agent in a matter of weeks, it does not come easily. You have to invest the time, money, and effort for exam preparation, and passing the state real estate licensing exam can be difficult.

Also, as a real estate agent, you may enjoy working as an independent contractor and enjoy full autonomy over your business. But you are also on your own when it comes to learning about the market, its ups and downs, managing the day-to-day office needs, etc. While the growth potential is huge in the real estate industry, you need a nest egg at the start of your career to rely on until your first sale. Also, if you enjoy networking, helping people, and are strong enough to survive the fluctuating market conditions, becoming a real estate agent may be a great career choice for you.

Top reasons to choose us for real estate coaching

Bob offers coaching on how to reach career goals for absolute financial success as a real estate agent. He offers training to passionate and budding real estate agents on how to master their career by mastering their day, week, and year. With his 30+ years of experience as a real estate agent, he offers guidance on how to develop a system to handle clients and to close a sale in a short window.

Bob teaches his agents everything that they need to know and equips them with all the right skills to become a highly successful real estate agent. Call 480-385-8810 to schedule a session with Bob Loeffler, the founder of Fearless Agent and Arizona's #1 real estate sales coach.

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